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DWB 10th Anniversary Poster. 5 vertical images are equally aligned. From left to right; Image 1: Paloma McGregor holding her daughter Olamina with their heads nestled together. The image is taken from behind, where Paloma wears a black shirt. Olamina is wearing a jacket with a red, magenta and pink pattern; Image 2: Rashida Bumbray in a ringshout in a white dress and white headpiece. The image captures her from a sideways angle, with her arms out by her sides as she leans back to look upward at the ceiling; Image 3: Jaimé Yawa Dzandu is wearing a patterned top and is lifting her right hand up towards the ceiling, hand reaching up as if to grab something; Image 4: Samantha Speis is crouched in a room with hardwood floors and white walls. She is wearing a tank top and patterned pants, with her hands covering her eyes. Her child leans on her right leg; Image 5: Dr. Brenda Dixon Gottschild stands in the center of a group of seated people, wearing a black t-shirt and black pants. Her arms are reaching towards the ceiling, gazing upwards. Above each image is a black rectangle with text above it that reads "Dancing While Black 10th Anniversary". The "10" is in large red font and the rest of the text is in white. Two red lines appear in the right corner, at varying lengths. In the bottom left of the image sits the Angela's Pulse logo, which reads "Angela's Pulse performance projects" in white font.
29 Apr 2022: Dancing While Black 10th Anniversary Year | May 2022 – May 2023

Since 2012, Dancing While Black (DWB) has served as a launching pad and community hub, bringing Black dance voices to the fore and centering a space for them to reflect and create authentically. In 2022, DWB turns 10! In the spirit of Sankofa, we are celebrating the past, present and future of Dancing While Black from May 2022 through May 2023.

DWB Shared Leadership Graphic
09 Mar 2022: Meet the DWB Shared Leadership Team

As part of AP’s continued investment in Black leadership, DWB’s 10th Anniversary programming and visioning will be guided by a team of co-directors: Paloma, DWB’s founder, is joined by Kayla Hamilton (2017-2018 DWB Fellow), Marguerite Hemmings (2015-2016 DWB Fellow) and Joya Powell (2016-2017 DWB Fellow).

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 10.29.59 AM
05 Aug 2021: A’we deh ya Study Group
Since June of 2021, Angela's Pulse has held Study Group convenings with Virgin Island and Stateside collaborators to continue the next iteration of A'we deh ya ("All of us are here"). Learn more about the members of the creative team in the next iteration of this project.


Building a Better Fishtrap
Dancing While Black
Follow the Water Walks
Blood Dazzler
The 2023 edition of Live Ideas, Planet Justice: are you here for it?*, explores the idea that climate justice is rooted in social justice, anti-colonialism, global collaboration, human rights, and the rights of nature to thrive. An antidote to the doom and gloom of the climate crisis, the festival offers five days of art and action with performances, interactive installation, workshops, an outdoor party, symposium, and more! 

To get your tickets visit 

#Dance #ClimateChange #HumanRights #artsfestival #NewYork
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We recognize and celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, and all motherly figures that brighten our lives.

Mom: for all you've done,  you're the greatest inspiration to keep dancing everyday. 

Best wishes!

#AngelasPulse #AP #DWB #MothersDay #Love #holidays #dance #arts #community
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Join DWB on Zoom for a conversation amongst artists who are shepherding Black dance & performance hubs across the US and lifting up Black dance voices.

You still have time to register. Link in bio!

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Our Dancing While Black 10th Anniversary season is culminating in an amazing week of events, May 10-13. The Akan principle of Sankofa - looking back to move forward - has guided our Dancing While Black Shared Leadership Team as we collaboratively choreograph this year-long anniversary project that centers on sustainability, wellness and thriving. 

Come join us. Link in bio.

#AngelasPulse #AP #DWB10 #blackcommunities #LOVE #dancingwhileblack #DWB10 #DancingWhileBlack  #DWBHOWWEDO #DWBHOWWEBUILD #DWBHOWWETHRIVE #Celebration
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Tomorrow is THE day!

Get ready to participate in #DWB10. We are having in-person and virtual public programming and intimate gatherings to celebrate a decade of empowering black communities. 

Do not miss a thing:

#AngelasPulse #AP #DWB10 #blackcommunities #LOVE #dancingwhileblack #DWB10 #DancingWhileBlack  #DWBHOWWEDO #DWBHOWWEBUILD #DWBHOWWETHRIVE #Celebration
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