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Angela’s Pulse creates and produces collaborative performance work and cultivates collaborative communities across generation and geography. Our work centers Black people, stories, spaces and visions.

Co-founded by Paloma and Patricia McGregor, Angela’s Pulse was named for their mother Angela, an artist, teacher and activist who continues to inspire their work.

Core Values

We are:
  • process oriented – We believe in dialog and experimentation as both means and end. We center the authentic over the predetermined. We allow for trust and growth to develop as a result of spending time, challenging assumptions and inherited notions, digging in and working from joy.

  • collaboration based – We believe we are better together. We value our individual assets, voices, histories, and the potentials they hold when we activate them in service of a vision larger than any one of us.

  • community centered – We believe that communities – of geography, practice, values, identity – are themselves powerful creative acts. We honor that power by practicing community-building and community-bridging.

  • anti-racist – We believe that racism is the glue that holds all of our dehumanizing and oppressive systems in place. We work with rigor and love to consistently practice undoing the impacts of racism on us as individuals, as a team and as collaborators with others.

  • embodied – We believe the body offers the most powerful, intimate opportunity to transform values into action. We center practices that allow us to tap into our embodied intellect, push beyond our known limits and animate our visions.


Community engagement is central to the mission of Angela’s Pulse. We support the development of interdisciplinary communities of artists, educators and organizers in order to develop rich, relevant artistic work. We create opportunities to use artistic work to engage communities through panel discussions, community dialogues, workshops and collaborative art-making. We seek community partners interested in exchanging ideas, developing methodologies, sharing resources and animating vision.

[PHOTO CREDITS] All photos by Charles R. Berenguer Jr.

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