Building A Better Fishtrap

Building A Better Fishtrap

BUILDING A BETTER FISHTRAP is an iterative performance project rooted in the vanishing fishing tradition of choreographer Paloma McGregor’s 91-year-old father. The project examines what happens when you leave your ancestral home: What do you take with you? Leave behind? Return to reclaim?

Over the past three years, Paloma has used this personal inquiry as a porthole to develop the Fishtrap Method, a creative process that explores and asserts the body’s capacity to carry place, memory and experience with it in ways that can transform objects, spaces, collaborators and audiences. The resulting artistic work has been presented in such diverse settings as an abandoned nursing home, a floating platform in the Bronx River and St. Mark’s Church.

With each iteration, the hope is to deepen the connections collaborators and audiences have with one another’s legacies and the future of our embattled water spaces.

STAY TUNED for Building a Better Fishtrap: From the River’s Mouth supported by MAP Fund. Click HERE for more information.

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THANK YOU to our Building A Better Fishtrap / Part 1 CONTRIBUTORS

We are forever grateful to these supporters of our NY evening-length premiere:

Kayla Hamilton
M A Harisiadis
Sabeena Shaikh
Fabiola Torralba
Sydnie Mosley
Jill Sigman
Alex Randrup
Carolyn Hall
Hermione Malone
Maria Bauman
Marlo David
Russell Jones
Anne Timmons
Samantha Speis
Donna Costello
(Sara) Katy Mas
Candace Thompson
Charles Burwell
Dasha Chapman
Marjani Forte
Petrushka Bazin Larsen
Cynthia Oliver
Denise Lee
Marlene Ramirez-Cancio
George Walker
Gregory Tate
Liz Lerman
Christal Brown
Lisandra Ramos
Patricia Saucedo
RA Washington
Mary Suk
Amy Cassello
Jawole Zollar
Karin Boerger
Niegel Smith
Damian Griffin
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John Yamada
Abigail Levine
Mendi Obadike
Kristina Boerger
Joya Powell
Patricia Smith-DeSilva
Millicent Johnnie
Tacuma Roeback
Edisa Weeks

Past Events

Building a Better Fishtrap/Phase 2
June 17-18, 2016, 8:00 p.m.
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Building a Better Fishtrap/Phase 2 is a solo meditation on the practice of remembering: What do we take with us? Leave behind? Return to reclaim?
Choreographer and performer Paloma McGregor navigates and transforms a world crafted in collaboration with visual artist Sara Jimenez, installation designer Vassi Spanos and sound designer Everett Saunders. Through this process she encourages us to consider how memory inhabits us and what we can reclaim in the witnessing.

This is Paloma’s culminating AIR performance of the solo iteration of Building A Better Fishtrap, which has been in development over the past two years as a part of her residency at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange.

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Dance on the Greenway 2015
Sunday, October 4, 2015, 1:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m.
Behind IKEA Brooklyn – Erie Basin Park, 1 Beard Street

This FREE fall festival of site-specific dance will feature the work of four diverse choreographers; two from the Downtown NYC dance community and two Red Hook based artists. Each choreographer is commissioned to create a new work for location in the Erie Basin Park behind IKEA in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Featuring the work of: Paloma McGregor/Angela’s Pulse, Audrey Elaine Hailes, Solomon Goodwin/MVP, and Juson Williams

Click Here for More Information

Building a Better Fishtrap/Part 1 – premiere of first evening-length production
May 22-24, 2015 at BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance

This ensemble iteration of Fishtrap has been in development since 2011, with support from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Dance Exchange, Jerome Foundation Travel & Study Grant, Foundation for Contemporary Art, iLAND, Earthdance, Wave Hill and Middlebury College.

Building a Better Fishtrap/Start in the Middle
Jan. 31, 2015, 1-4 p.m.
LeRoy Neiman Art Center
2785 Frederick Douglass Boulevard

Interactive installation

On the closing day of No Longer Empty’s Curatorial Lab: The Way Out is Through, audiences will witness and contribute to transforming a visual landscape of memory created by Paloma McGregor and Angela’s Pulse collaborators. This installation-based performance is a bridge between the ensemble-based Building a Better Fishtrap/Part 1 and the developing solo iteration (Part 2).

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January 12, 2015, 2-4pm
APAP 2015 Special African-American Female Choreographer Showcase
New York City Center, Studio 4

Performances by Shani Collins, Love/Forte Productions, Christal Brown, Paloma McGregor and Francine Ott

Co-hosted by
Camille A. Brown and Pamela Green

View the schedule here

January 9, 2015
Bronx Artists Now: Showcases & Conversations

A network of South Bronx arts and community organizations create a unique opportunity for presenters and funders to see showcases of new work by Latino and Bronx-based multi-disciplinary dance and performance artists. Opportunities to engage with a diverse range of local and Caribbean-based organizations follow the showcases. View the schedule here.

June 2014 – Urban Interventions at Encuentro 2014/Montreal

May 2014 – RE:PURPOSE at FiveMyles

December 2013 – Memory Withholdings Curated Show at BAX

August 2013 – Waterwash at Bronx River

October 2012 – DraftWork at Danspace

May 2012 – Dancing While Black at Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance

April 2012 – No Longer Empty at Andrew Freedman Home

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