Building A Better Fishtrap

BUILDING A BETTER FISHTRAP is an iterative performance project rooted in the vanishing fishing tradition of choreographer Paloma McGregor’s 90-year-old father. The project examines what happens when you leave your ancestral home: What do you take with you? Leave behind? Return to reclaim?
Fishtrap Workshop

19 Nov: Building a Better Fishtrap / A’we deh ya (“All of us are here”) at The Movement Lab at Barnard College

This week, Virgin Islanders and Stateside Angela's Pulse collaborators are gathering daily for virtual creative process, research and development of A'we deh ya ("All of us are here"), a multi-disciplinary call-and-response between colony and mainland. This iteration of Building A Better Fishtrap focuses on Paloma's homeland St. Croix.