Angela’s Pulse creates and produces collaborative performance work dedicated to building community and illuminating bold, new stories. We provide a home for interdisciplinary collaborations that thrive on both politics and play, and we are committed to developing timely performance works that provoke, inform and inspire.

Co-founded by Paloma and Patricia McGregor, Angela’s Pulse was named for their mother Angela, an artist, teacher and activist who continues to inspire their work.


Community engagement is central to the mission of Angela’s Pulse. We support the development of interdisciplinary communities of artists, educators and organizers in order to develop rich, relevant artistic work. We create opportunities to use artistic work to engage communities through panel discussions, community dialogues, workshops and collaborative art-making. We seek community partners interested in exchanging ideas, developing methodologies, sharing resources and animating vision.

[PHOTO CREDITS] All photos by Charles R. Berenguer Jr.